SkySails Group GmbH is the market and technology leader in the field of automated towing kite systems. Some 40 employees representing a wide range of disciplines and specialities - from aerospace engineers, to software developers, shipbuilders, management professionals and CNC operators - all help to develop, manufacture and market the worldwide patented SkySails technology.

SkySails kites are the key technology for capturing the vast potential of high-altitude winds and SkySails is the first company in the world that has succeeded in developing towing-kite technology into an industrial application. SkySails has established a broad and global patent portfolio that includes some 300 patents issued or applied for, in 16 patent families.

The companies’ business splits into four segments all centered around its’ core technology:

  • SkySails Marine offers wind propulsion systems for ships. The latest product generation can replace up to 2 MW of the main engine′s propulsion power.
  • SkySails Yacht offers wind propulsion systems for large yachts and superyachts.
  • SkySails Power develops and markets systems for generating power from high altitude wind.
  • SkySails Marine Performance offers a sensor-linked software system called V-PER for optimizing ship operations

SkySails was established in 2001 by the graduate industrial engineer Stephan Wrage.

SkySails has a strong international network of investors and strategic partners. SkySails also promotes and maintains longstanding development partnerships with leading suppliers, such as with DSM Dyneema and Gleistein Ropes for producing the ropes, and North Sails NZ for manufacturing the towing kites.

Some 50 million euros have been invested in developing the SkySails technology and establishing the manufacturing capability.