SkySails Power

Wind Power - Next Level

It's a simple fact: Winds at high altitudes provide abundantly more energy than winds at surface level.

Large and fully automated kites are the key technology through which energy can be generated from high-altitude winds.

Building on the proven SkySails technology, SkySails Power is developing wind power systems that can be used to tap into the enormous energy potential of high-altitude winds on an industrial scale for the first time, so-called high-altitude wind energy systems.

SkySails Power systems are significantly cheaper than conventional wind turbines. At the same time, the systems generate more and steadier electricity. This halves the production costs for wind power and improves grid stability.

The revolutionary system concept also allows  to open up new markets. This doubles the market potential for wind power systems.

SkySails Power is the next generation of wind power!



Wind Power - Next Level
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