Wetterwelt GmbH

With the establishment of his company “WetterWelt” in 1999, meteorologist and sailer Dr. Meeno Schrader has succeeded in turning his extensive specialist knowledge combined with his experience of worldwide maritime weather into business. The most important business segment of the Kiel-based company is the “Seewetter” (maritime weather) which is not only reflected in the broad spectrum of services offered, but also in the large number of international clients: the product range includes route recommendation for merchant shipping, regatta advice for competitive yachting, as well as passage planning for individual sailing trips and automatic weather forecasting.

The WetterWelt meteorologists compile accurate weather forecasts and weather analyses using the all modern communication media (phone, fax, e-mail, text messaging systems, WAP, INMARSAT-C, SSB, ORBCOMM).

WetterWelt GmbH provides SkySails with meterological advice and contributes to the development of the weather routing system.www.wetterwelt.de