Five simple steps to your SkySails system

The SkySails system is suitable for being installed on new builds and retrofitted onto existing vessels.

Your personal SkySails representative, together with our technical project manager, will assist and support you through the entire installation process.

The SkySails system is installed on the vessel at the location of your choice and under guidance of our SkySails service team. The ship can remain afloat during installation.

There are five simple steps to your SkySails propulsion on board:

1. Preparation

Preparation of the foundations and laying the cables and hydraulic lines.

2. Installation

Installation of the SkySails components on the  forecastle and the control panel on the bridge

3. Connection

Connection of the components to the electrical and hydraulic systems, winding the towing rope onto the winch and stowing the towing kite and control pod in the storage compartment.

4. Commissioning

Inspection and approval of the entire system installation on board the ship by the owner's representative. System commissioning, sea trials and first flight.

5. Crew

Training on the job and handing over the system to the crew.


Installation of the SkySails Arrangement Module (SAM)